Sergio Paul Ianniello

My name is Sergio Paul Ianniello and I am a professional artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Figures and portraits in a landscape dominate the content of my paintings and I like using lively, complementary colours to create luminosity and a sense of depth. Acrylic paint is my favoured paint because it is forgiving, incredibly versatile and can be used together with selected mediums to create clean, beautiful colours and effective glazing. Stylistically, I generally focus on expressive, imaginative realism with Fauvist or Art Deco influences. My figures and portraits are often mixed with colourful, pareidolic representations in which I find endless pleasure in playing with and developing into mysterious secondary images.

At times my paintings are quirky representations of celebrity icons, have a message or make a statement about transience, beauty or the fragility of existence but my main motivation is to create something that I personally connect with. I experience a sense of timelessness, inner-peace and intrinsic satisfaction when I am working on a painting rich in colour and visually pleasing in composition. I have always been elated by beauty on a visceral level.

My artistic approach begins with a need to create. I am primarily guided by how an idea or photographic image makes me feel. Other cerebral, symbolic and aesthetic influences arise organically during my artistic process of drawing and manipulating the shapes and colours of the original image.

I have been a prize winner for my work, have exhibited in various Brisbane galleries and have often been a finalist in a variety of national art competitions Over the years, I have sold many paintings and drawings nationally and internationally.

All my paintings are on professional-quality canvas, stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang. I use high-quality paint and mediums during the painting process to maintain the beautiful colours and longevity of my work. My paintings come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Delivery of my work is insured and professionally packaged with several layers of thick bubble wrap in a sturdy cardboard box or wooden crate.